The Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Program at LMHC includes a skills group, designed to teach skills in the following four areas: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance. These are the coping skills most needed by people who struggle with symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. Participants involved in this group are encouraged to practice new skills so that they may become more effective in managing their emotions, reducing self harm, and increasing interpersonal effectiveness. The group consists of weekly two-hour group sessions, with an estimated completion time of six to seven months. With the successful completion of the four skills modules, participants will decrease symptoms, utilize more effective behaviors, and improve the quality of their lives.

DBT Services

  • 5 Adult Individual Therapy
  • Adult Skills Group
  • Phone Coaching
  • Therapist Consultation Group

LMHC has experienced staff who have been intensely trained in providing DBT services. Services begin with an assessment for needs. Treatment planning isva collaborative process and progress is reviewed on a weekly basis.


  • To be eligible for DBT Services, the individual must have a diagnostic assessment that clearly documents medical necessity. They must also demonstrate a strong motivation to participate in the program.
  • The DBT program is open to women and men 18 years old and over.
  • Group members must be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or significant borderline personality traits that interfere with their functioning.


Prior to treatment, payment or insurance will be authorized. LMHC is an approved provider for a variety of insurance plans.