Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Know If I Need Treatment?
• If your behavior, thoughts or feelings interfere with daily functioning
• If you experience changes in your eating/sleeping patterns
• If you are abusing alcohol or drugs
• If your relationships end in disaster and you don’t know why
• If you often have trouble at work
• If you have trouble making decisions or can’t concentrate on tasks
• If you have “road rage”, or other outbursts of anger

As you progress through the therapeutic process, you should begin to feel gradual relief from your distress, to develop self assurance, and have a greater ability to make decisions and increased comfort in your relationship with others. Mental health treatment should help you cope with your feelings more effectively. Client surveys consistently indicate satisfaction with the therapy process and positive outcomes.

Q. What are Some of the Benefits of Therapy?
• Reduce your level of stress
• Set limits with others
• Choose healthy relationships
• Better understand yourself
• Learn to Manage your Time
• Be More Productive
• Increase Your Self Confidence
• Improve Your Marriage
• Be in charge of your life
• Manage your anger and/or your addictive behaviors

Q. What should I expect when I call to schedule an appointment?
An Intake Coordinator will talk with you about the reason for seeking services. You will be reassured about the privacy and confidentiality of all information that you are asked to share. An appointment will be scheduled with a therapist who has experience in working with the issues that concern you.

Our therapists are trained to sensitively deal with clients who are afraid, or require additional assurances of confidentiality, or who need information about laws and protection and community resources.

Q. How much will therapy cost?
A claim will be submitted to your health insurance company to access any benefits which may pay for your care. LHMC encourages you to call the customer service number on your insurance card to verify your coverage and any limitations that may exist. LMHC staff are approved providers for Blue Cross of Minnesota, Medica/UBH, Preferred One, HealthPartners, UCare Minnesota, MinnesotaCare products, Medicare, Sanford Health, Lakes Area Community Health Plan and Medical Assistance. A sliding fee is available for residents of Becker, Clay, Grant, Douglas, Otter Tail and Pope counties. If requested, a payment plan can be set up for you.

Q. How soon can I get an appointment?
If your illness requires an emergency visit, we have time reserved each day for urgent visits. For non-urgent visits, an appointment will be set up for the next available appointment which is generally within the next 5-7 working days. For a psychiatric consultation, there may be a more extensive waiting period.

Q. I know that I need some type of help, but I don’t know what to do or who to call.
A community mental health center is designed to help with this very situation. We are available to evaluate your need for care, determine if LMHC has programs/professionals that can help you, and/or refer you to another, more appropriate community resource for additional services.

Q. Do you provide chemical dependency/substance abuse services?
Evaluations and outpatient treatment programs for alcohol and other drug misuse, abuse and dependence are available in the Fergus Falls office.

Q. Do I need to be referred to LMHC by my primary care physician?
A referral is not required by LMHC. Although you’re insurance company may require a referral as part of your benefit plan. You will need to check with your insurance company for this specific question.

At your first appointment at LMHC, you will be asked by your therapist if you would like information about your care sent to your medical doctor. A release of information must be signed to allow us to send this information.