OfficeFor many people, drug and alcohol problems are combined with mental health disorders. These co-occurring disorders lead to increased embarrassment and guilt, as well as other problems with living. LMHC’s professionals can help restore a sense of direction and control.

Treatment of co-occurring disorders begins with an in-depth assessment and a treatment plan that may incorporate a combination of individual counseling, treatment groups, family education, and access to a multi-disciplinary team. The team may include an alcohol and drug counselor, case manager, mental health professional, advanced practice nurse, physician, and probation officer.

People learn how their mental health conditions interact, and how those interactions affect their social and work lives. Participants in the co-occurring program gain insights and skills that help them increase sobriety and manage mental health disorders in ways that improve their quality of living.

Families often play an important role in recovery and illness management. Families are offered the opportunity to participate in education on co-occurring disorders as part of the treatment program. Individual and group family sessions are available.

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